February 27, 2011

lamb's liver with red wine reduction, mash and garlic leeks

from start to plate : 30 minutes
good for : reminiscing!

where do i start? firstly....i haven't had lamb's liver for nearly 22 years when, at school, they used to cook it to within an inch of its life and mix it in with some baked beans (still sends shivers down my spine!). secondly....i totally psyched myself out because of this and so couldn't bring myself to cook it. this is very unlike me, as i love calf and chicken livers, but i worked myself up a bit*....so chris cooked.

i found the recipe on the good food website and just changed it slightly; instead of garlic mash, we had ordinary mash and cooked the garlic in with the leeks served on the side. i'll let chris tell you how he cooked it....

this dish is incredibly quick and easy to produce. whilst the potato's are boiling away, coat the lambs liver in a jacket of well seasoned plain flour. then sear the liver briefly on each side for around two minutes, and set it aside in a warm place. in the same frying pan add the red wine and lamb stock along with a few sprigs of rosemary and reduce on a high heat until the liquid turns to a syrup consistency. this produces a really nice accompaniment to the liver and makes a really sticky coating to the dish. finally add the liver back to the pan, mash the potato and serve with a side of garlic infused leeks (i have only just started to appreciate these greens). et voila.

*i loved the red wine reduction, the mash and the leeks, but just couldn't get on board with the texture of the liver.....it actually tasted good.... 

is it worth waiting for?
i'm on the fence with this one. some of the smaller liver pieces were perfectly smooth and creamy, however we found the larger sections became more grainy and therefore less pleasant. lou says a resounding no.

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