March 18, 2011

smoked haddock chowder

from start to plate : 30 minutes
good for : winter warmer

last night we tucked into some tasty fish! i was meant to cook a fish chowder that had creamed corn in it, but for the life of me i couldn't find the recipe so turned to the ever reliable good food website (honest, we do have other means of recipe finding!).

not a lot of you may know this, but i'm allergic to shellfish. clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, and don't even mention crab sticks to me.... shellfish is my culinary nemesis! and therefore the omission of the prawns was the only variation i made to the recipe. the recipe is for six people, but it was easily halved and had some leftovers for lunch today (once again not heating it up in the staff room due to the whiff!).

the dish was actually quite surprising; in the sense that for only a few simple ingredients it had huge body. the smoked haddock was perfect with the creamy base, which was essentially leek and potato soup. i served the dish with fresh crusty bread and butter and it was a great evening warmer.

is it worth waiting for?
indeed it was

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