March 16, 2011

sweet potato with mushrooms and rosemary

from start to plate : 50 minutes
good for : cold evenings, fancy lunch

chris is really getting into his cooking more and more, and as i have been really exhausted after teaching all day, he has taken up the helm in the kitchen more so recently. monday night he made sweet potato with mushrooms and rosemary which was taken from the good food website, although lou had said to add crème fraîche to make it more silky. 

my cooking skills are increasing by the day, however i still love dishes like this one! the reason being you can cook this recipe, and its various elements, in a linear order. whenever i try to multi-task, and complete the seperate components in parallel, it always goes a little awry! a very simple meal to create, this dish would have made for a really nice lunch, but wasn't great for an evening meal. it was rather two dimensional, and after a few mouthfuls became quite repetitive.

is it worth waiting for?
not really no. the crispy skin of the sweet potato, and the soft nogurt centre were lovely, but the dish was quite boring after a few bites.

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