April 14, 2011

blue cheese gnocchi

from start to plate : 15 minutes
good for : cheesy goodness!

as you know, we have been making a conscious effort to make new dishes for this blog, but this week we really fancied making some old favourites; monday was steak and guinness pie, tuesday was one of our favourite restaurants and last night was blue cheese gnocchi*. they'll be more favourites to follow....

so this recipe is a john torode creation that can be found on the good food website; it's a great little dish that can be altered very easily. i follow the main methods, apart from the fact that i fry off some onion and garlic and after a few minutes add the spinach (i prefer this method than covering it in hot water) before adding the parmesan and crème fraîche, and that i like to add halved cherry tomatoes to the top before grilling (although i totally forgot to do this yesterday!).

this is a rather rich dinner and not to everyones taste, but if you like creamy blue cheese then this one is for you.

is it worth waiting for?

*apologises for the photo; i thought taking one of it in the pot would work....turns out it didn't!

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