April 07, 2011

grilled pork with lemon and thyme pearl barley

from start to plate : 50 minutes
good for : low fat dinner!

a while back i was planning on making some fabric door stops for the house and chris bought some pearl barley to fill them up with and weigh them down....well i never got round to doing it so instead we ate the pearl barley last night! chris cooked this dish and so....

we made a decision last night to be more critical of the dishes we produce, in order to truly do justice to those recipes which deserve the plaudits. you see, we may have been judged guilty in the past of adding a positive spin to dishes which perhaps deserved harsher examination.... but that gravy train has ended. and what a dish to start our new mentality with, as this dish was dire.

i don't recall eating pearl barley before, and based on last nights evidence i doubt i will for a good while. the consistency and texture of the barley, after it had absorbed the stock, was the equivalent of cold calamari (or even snails). each bite down into the barley resulted in your teeth violently bouncing open again. novel. and as for the pork escalope. who thought acidic red wine vinegar with crushed garlic would be a sympathetic accompaniment to the subtle flavour of pork. no thank you.

is it worth waiting for?
not even nearly. the pearl barley was chewy, and the red wine vinegar overpowered the pork resulting in a very lack lustre dish. steer well clear, unless you're making door stops.  

1 comment:

  1. odd indeed. we're clearly doing something wrong along the way? whats your fail-safe way of cooking peal barley?



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