April 15, 2011

pan roasted chicken with crisp prosciutto & tomatoes

from start to plate : 45 minutes
good for : one pot dish

so, another favourite of ours last night....pan roasted chicken with crisp prosciutto & tomatoes....yum!

this recipe is recommended for a bbq, but we always cook it on the hob....and in one pan, which is always a bonus. i make the garlic bread my way, but everything else is not far off the recipe; i made a third of the recipe for us two and changed a few things. firstly i fried off some onions (to add both flavour and texture) before adding the chicken, then instead of adding chicken stock i just added a stock cube to the chopped tomatoes (a little over the recommended amount) and also a squeeze of tomato puree to thicken the sauce. i also add the cannellini beans earlier so that they cook more; we prefer them when they are softer.

the prosciutto and the garlic ciabatta give the dish a deliciously salty overtone....which we love. it is a very moreish dish and we find it rather comforting.

is it worth waiting for?
indeed it is

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