April 11, 2011

triple ginger cheesecake with rhubarb

from start to plate : 30 minutes plus chilling overnight
good for : gobbling up!

so chris cooked the main dish on friday and i made the pudding. i was working on friday, so wanted something that i could prepare on thursday....a cheesecake it was to be! i have made a cheese for them before so was looking for something quite special....this was it!

triple ginger cheese cake with rhubarb....wow! ginger biscuit base, ground ginger and chopped crystallised ginger in the cream cheese....de-lish! it was so so tangy and tasty! the rhubarb (perfect as it's in season) was baked in the oven with orange zest and juice before cooling and adding to the top....amazing!

cheesecakes are notoriously easy to make but this does not mean they are not impressive. this was one of the best desserts i have made! so much so that there was none left at the end of dinner....it was for 8 people (there were four of us!!)

as well as the wine for the main course, ros bought a dessert wine, specially chosen to complement the sharp rhubarb flavour. we refered to our trusty wine bible for a suitable grape, and were surprised to find it suggesting a riesling! the variety ros selected was dr l riesling. we most admit it didn't have the most appealing smell, but the flavour was perfect with the rhubarb.

is it worth waiting for?
without question!

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