May 16, 2011

steamed fish & pak choi parcels

from start to plate : 20 minutes
good for : simple yet impressive

having overcome a few technical problems recently, and spent the weekend in lincolnshire with my parents, we're now back for some interrupted blog entries; starting with this asian influenced steamed fish & pak choi parcels.

we picked this one for its healthy yet flavourful appeal; and i would say that it suceeded on both fronts. we used pollock as our fish of choice for this one and although i didn't really deviate from the recipe, i did add more pak choi (a bit more substance) and chilli (a whole one for two of us) just to give it a bit more of a kick. the whole dish was light and delicate with a warming heat from the combination of spring onions, ginger and chilli.

i served it on the side with some jasmine rice....or so it said. we have come across time and again the suggestion to use this type of rice but weren't sure how we should make it (we toyed with the idea of getting a teabag out!) and so when we saw one in our local oriental supermarket we bought some without hesitation....until tonight. i'm not sure if we did something wrong (or were conned) but it tasted just like normal at this point we would love some enlightenment from our faithful readers!

is it worth waiting?
yes, it was a lovely light dish. the sharpness of the lime juice cut straight through the heat of the chilli and the softness of the white fish, ensuring a refreshing flavour.


  1. Hi,

    I found your blog on UKFBA and I think it looks great. I really love steamed fish, seems like its the best way to bring out the most subtle flavours.
    I've not tried pollock by itself before though, usually put it in things like fishcakes and fish curries. looks worth a try!

  2. Hi Rosie,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. If you love steaming, try this great pork dish which was equally lovely.

    We've also looked at your blog, and will be using it for inspiration regularly.

  3. I can't find the comment box for the most recent post? Anyway, just wanted to say - dried pasta is usually better quality imo. I wouldn't swap my de cecco spaghetti for anything



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