June 24, 2011

harissa lamb steak and houmous flatbreads

from start to plate : 15 minutes
good for : middle eastern street food

as i'm cooking every night this week, i chose this recipe for harissa lamb steak and houmous flatbreads because it was incredibly quick and easy to turnaround....and would still leave me time to have an evening to relax. unfortunately i forgot this important factor when i decided, instead of using ready-made houmous as the recipe suggested, to make my own from scratch*!

i really am blessed to have such understanding and supportive colleagues. it is a rare lunchtime that doesn't involve an expedition to the far reaches of nottingham city centre, to find an elusive mystical ingredient; and a rarer occasion still, if i'm not joined by one of my dependable co-workers. today for example saw james and mark join me on a search for traditional eastern flatbreads and some tahini paste. admittedly neither of them knew what tahini paste was, or looked like, but i still really appreciated your company.

for this recipe i was particularly excited to use the authentic harrisa paste lou's brother chris and partner kam had brought back from tunisia with them. i liberally smeared each steak with a good layer of harrisa....which constitutes chillis, garlic, coriander, caraway and oil....and then proceeded to completely overcook the meat. damn it. every bloody time.

*if anyone wants a copy of my full-proof homemade houmous recipe... because lets be honest, its easy to get wrong..... then drop us a line at isitworthwaitingfor@mail.com

is it worth waiting for?
this is middle eastern street food, at its simplest, and finest. each flatbread was given a soft under belly of homemade houmous, and then layered up with copious amounts of lamb steak, grated carrot and chopped parsley. the earthy undertones of the houmous was highlighted by the searing heat of the harissa paste, but cooled by the grated carrot content.

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