August 16, 2011

devilled mackerel with potatoes and spinach

from start to plate : 45 minutes
good for : no fuss, fish curry

we realised that our sunday curries have not included a fish recipe yet, so we chose one of favourite dishes of devilled mackerel with potatoes and spinach.

this is an easy recipe for anyone to achieve, and doesn't require a cupboard full of exotic spices....which lets be honest, not everyone has. we have traditionally used a pre-made curry paste for this recipe, and as we had an old jar left in the cupboard, we decided to be thrifty. we use pataks madras paste, which can be found in all convenience stores and lasts for ages.

as for the recipe, it does require a slight improvement to ensure that the potatoes are properly cooked through. the potatoes need to be parboiled prior to frying, before adding the onions a few minutes later. the fish simply needs a liberal coating of the curry paste before putting into the oven to roast. easy.

is it worth waiting for?
the crispy cubes of potato contrast beautifully with the succulent fish, and the wilted spinach provides a soft backdrop to heat of the curry. mackerel fillets are quite firm and therefore this curry should be good for those who don't enjoy 'fishy fish'. you know who you are!

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