September 30, 2011

oven baked risotto with smoked bacon and parmesan

from start to plate : 30 minutes
good for : plan b

you all know the deal by now....trying not to cook the same meal twice for a whole year. well, that challenge almost came inadvertently crashing down recently! i came home ready to start a lovely dinner of risotto with green beans when i had a feeling that i should just have a quick check on the blog....turns out we have cooked a dish far too similar before....panic averted! so plan b; call chris, get him to pick up some bacon and turn this into a dish we haven't actually cooked....oven baked risotto with smoked bacon and parmesan!

people say that cooking risotto in the oven, makes it easier and takes the hassle out of this 'labour intensive' cooking method. however i personally enjoy making them the 'old fashion way' and see no issue with standing at the stove for 20 mins, but hey, each to their own. there is no denying that it is easier, and once everything is fried and in the pot you can pop it in the oven and have a little sit down for 20 mins until it is ready (i suppose it does have it's benefits!).

is it worth waiting for?
this is one of those dishes that we were having quite regularly before we started this social experiment (we do love a risotto) and so naturally we really enjoy it. the lovely chunks of salty smoked bacon go fantastically well with the sweet cherry tomatoes; and i always add the heady flavour of fresh thyme to the pot to cut through the velvetly smooth depth of the cheese. try it, you won't be disappointed.

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