October 27, 2011

5 star pork ribs

from start to plate : what seemed like days!
good for : dedication

sometimes all we crave is a massive plate of juicy, honest, pork ribs, and nothing else. pure and simple cuisine; no frills required. inspired by a recipe in jamie oliver's america cook book, which we recently loaned from the library, humbly titled 5 star pork ribs* we thought it would be rude not to try them!

despite the apparent brutal simplicity of the end product, this recipe was a bit of a chore even for us; with an ingredients list longer than my arm, and an overall cooking time longer than a season of csi! this recipe required dedication, and effort a plenty; so we tag-teamed the cooking process.

the concept behind the recipe involves a two-stage process, as opposed to a traditional marinade. the first stage is a dry spice rub, which is complemented by introducing a wet sauce during stage two. this ensures that the meat has a more threaded texture, rather than a hard sticky consistency which is sometimes the result of single sauce based ribs.

*we've not been able to source this recipe online, and its far too long to copy out, so either loan / buy jamie oliver's america cookbook, or perhaps consult this interesting article on the perfect rib.

is it worth waiting for?
culinary decorum goes straight out the window when eating ribs; but all is forgiven after the first gorgeously sloppy mouthful. this unfortunately wasn't the case with these ribs. perhaps it was the lack of kick, or perhaps it was the unusual citrus twist to the sauce. or perhaps, just perhaps, it was the huge amount of effort that had to go into making them, that just didn't live up to expectations. chris was slightly more complementary about the resulting ribs, and particularly liked the sprinkling of sea salt on top, which created a sweet and sour sensation in the mouth.

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