October 17, 2011

broccoli pasta bake

from start to plate : 50 minutes
good for : stress relief

when the world around us is crumbling* into dust, and the certainties become uncertain, there's only one factor that remains constant.... food! we know we can always turn to tasty, satisfying dishes to drag our mood from the mire. for some people it's sunlight, for other people it's a bar of chocolate, but for us simple souls it's a word from a loved one over a plate of moreish fodder!!

this recipe for broccoli pasta bake was meant to be suitable for vegetarians but we were craving some juicy bacon lardons to make us feel better, so we altered the recipe accordingly. other than this amendment there's not much to tell you about; it's a straight forward combination of pasta, broccoli and melted cheese (i used up some blue cheese we had for the topping).

*hugely melodramatic i appreciate, but it sounds great!

is it worth waiting for?
this is comfort food personified. the melted cheese is crusty on top with a layer of soft goodness underneath. down further still the crunchy broccoli and the soft pasta are complimented by the salty bacon lardon's and the mild heat of the latent mustard. this is a great winter dish, perfect for large groups and families all tucking in at once.

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