November 23, 2011

broad bean, chorizo and bacon risotto

it goes without saying that for us risotto is pure comfort food, so perfect for this time of year. with a bit of chorizo left over in the fridge and some broad beans in the freezer, a broadbean, chorizo and bacon risotto seemed like the obvious choice.

there’s not much to say really as it was just an ordinary risotto, but i would remind you to make sure that the broad beans are shelled before cooking, as i only realised once they were piping hot and had to spend about 10 minutes peeling the casing of each scorchingly hot bean....burnt fingers!

the finished result looked similar to a meat version of a spanish paella , with the arborio rice gaining a warmth of colour through the oils escaping from the chorizo sausage.

is it worth waiting for?
the combination of colours and ingredients in the bowl looked very appealing, but this didn't translate into the flavour. in fact this was rather a disappointing dinner and did not score highly on comfort rating either! it had all the elements of a great cold evening dish, but it was just a bit....boring. how to improve it? maybe some parmesan to make the risotto more creamy; this was one of the few risottos not to have the italian hard cheese as an ingredient.

from start to plate : 30 minutes
good for : colour

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