November 27, 2011

slow cooked chinese spiced beef

so, at this point we had moved into our new house (i am writing this 9 meals later!) and so whilst we were busy busy busy unpacking and being abused by an extremely angry cat (being trapped in for a week post move) we needed a dinner that, a) was easy to prepare and didn’t need much attention, and b) a recipe from one of the two good food magazines that we had access to (yet to unpack our cookery book collection). after flicking through the magazine we came across a tasty looking slow cooked chinese spiced beef.

i love recipes that only have a handful of ingredients and whilst this can sometimes mean a lack of flavour, when it comes to chinese cuisine, we have found that this is definitely not the case. i simply threw some ingredients into a dish and cooked in the oven for 2½ hours, whilst the aromatic flavours filled the alien new house with familiar comforting the mean time we continued the unpacking/cat battle. once the beef was ready, it was served with sautéed pak choi and plain steamed rice.

at the time the house was an organised chaos of boxes, the dining table was almost indistinguishable under a mound of cupboard, and the chairs were accommodating other weights and therefore could not fit my ample posterior as well. we had however concentrated on the living room and it was in a state resembling order, so when we closed the door behind us, and started chowing down we could kid ourselves that the rest of the house was finished as well! 

is it worth waiting for?
this was a great way to settle into a new place and the gorgeous flavours that were wafting round the house helped it to feel like home too. the prolonged cooking time had reduced the braising steak to a soft and tender delight, with an ever so deep flavour. the moreish beef was surrounded in a sweet layer of caramelised spices which has left a lasting impression. gorgeous.

from start to plate : 3 hours
good for  : new beginnings

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