February 03, 2012

sausages with apples in cider

writing this post is emotional for two reasons. firstly, this recipe of sausages with apples in cider is an old taylor family recipe which chris has very fond childhood memories of eating, and so was nervous it wouldn't live up to the expectations. and secondly, as this is the last post we're going to cook as part of this year long experiment

this recipe, which is actually called 'bangers braised in cider', comes from a very old delia cook book called frugal food (buy it....it's a penny on amazon!) and was a cooking bible in the thrifty taylor household of the 1980's. chris's mum actually found us a copy of the little paperback book in a charity shop recently, so we now have our very own copy; packed full of meals on a budget, and with a photograph of a very young delia on the cover!

it is one of those great winter one pot recipes that we all love; brown the sausages, fry the bacon and shallots and then whack everything in and let it simmer away for a while before popping it in the oven. the only slight change i made was to swap the button mushrooms for the more flavourful chestnut variety and to caramelise the sliced apples with a bit of brown sugar before adding them to the casserole dish 10 minutes from the end.

we served the sausages and apples with some creamy thyme mashed potato which we used to help soak up the juices, and also a large helping of nostalgia.

is it worth waiting for?
this was a great way to end the year, childhood favourite aside, it was blooming marvelous and just what this cold weather snap required! the herby lincolnshire sausages went perfectly with the thyme infused mashed potato. the large slices of bramley apple had an inherent, gorgeously sweet, crunch that was amplified by the brown sugar content and the sweet somerset cider.

from start to plate : 1 hour 20 minutes
good for : going out with a bang(er)!

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