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we love to cook, we love to eat and now we love to share!

feb 2011 - feb 2012
we have given ourselves a little challenge of not cooking the same meal twice for a whole year. are we mad? maybe....

in early 2011 we found ourselves in a culinary rut, often relying on a common list of recipes to make up our weekly meals. we decided to embark on a challenging social experiment, to not eat the same meal twice for a year.

we are a married couple based in nottingham, england, neither of us has had any professional training, however we're using this experiment to expand and hone our culinary skills in the kitchen. the various experiences we learn from each new dish influence the choices and alterations we make to future recipes. after each meal we make an entry to our website, cataloguing the success of each recipe and the lessons we have learnt.

we are constantly on the look out for new and exciting recipes, and love to hear from other food fanatics. so if you'd like to contribute to our experiment feel free to contact us at isitworthwaitingfor@hotmail.co.uk

the information and opinions expressed in this website are strictly our own, and are not intended to influence others. we make no assurances, expressed or implied concerning the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the beliefs offered.  


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